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Instructions for Completing

Client Check-in form

The Rock Springs Check-in Form is an Adobe form that can be completed using Adobe software. Please see the bottom of page for downloading Adobe.

Please download the Check-in Form.


Here are the INSTRUCTIONS for completing it.

(Alternative for Career Clients: Here is your link for Career Coaching)

If you don’t have time to complete prior to session, we will go over it together when we begin our session.


LAPTOPS/DESKTOP: This form works best with Adobe software (see below). It can be saved and returned by email OR if you don’t have Adobe or opt to open it in using your browser, you may still complete it interactively and then save it as a picture file to your hard drive and return via email. For more info on Adobe, see below*


PHONES: Although the form is designed for laptops/desktops, this form can often be completed interactively on a smart phone with the Adobe app.


NOTE: If you prefer, you may print it, complete the form with pen, snap a pic, and email or text it back.


Please note that SAVING the new Check-in form requires free Adobe software available from  or from your phone’s app store.


In addition, ADOBE needs to be set as your default viewer for PDF. Windows 10 makes their Edge browser the default but this can be reset to ADOBE by following these instructions here

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