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Covid Safety Rules

When visiting Rock Springs, we not only want you to feel safe and welcomed, we want you to know that we believe we are doing as much as realistically possible to help maintain a safe environment. We welcome suggestions for improvement and any questions or concerns you may have.

Please share your thoughts and your concerns with our Executive Director, David Harris


Our clients’ safety and health are of paramount importance and we welcome suggestions and feedback.

  • Proof of updated vaccination record required to be seen in person. It may be uploaded to the private and confidential client. (See instructions here)

  • Illness: Client agrees that, if symptomatic or if running a fever, to stay out of the office for five calendar days after complete recovery or alternatively, when a negative Covid test has been returned after recovery and posted to the Rock Springs portal.

  • Exposure: Client agrees that if there has been a known potential exposure or confirmed exposure, to refrain from office visits for five days after the exposure. If testing for symptoms, it may be more useful to consider testing AFTER five days and also following current CDC guidelines regarding testing, If symptoms develop, please see ILLNESS guidelines above.

  • Cancellation policy regarding COVID: Standard late fee cancellation fee applies UNLESS a positive COVID test is uploaded, in which case, the fee is waived or reimbursed. 

  • Restrooms, lobby, and general access areas:

  1. Please enter the building NO MORE THAN five (5) minutes ahead of your appointment time

  2. Expect to wear a mask in common areas (bathroom, lobby, etc). Please bring your own N95 mask. Surgical masks will be available if needed. NOTE: Signage will be posted in entryway indicating current status for masks.

  3. Hand sanitizer is available in the lobby. Please use it upon arrival.


Our objective is to welcome you from a safe distance of six feet and to wish you farewell at the end of the appointment. 

Your practitioner will stand in the doorway to invite you into the office and then retreat xix feet.

For the time being, there will be no physical contact (e.g., shaking hands, hugs, etc.)


As you leave, we will move to the side so that you may take your leave.

We send our virtual hug and our heartfelt wish for your wellness as you move back into the world.

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