This year’s flu season has presented us with an incredibly difficult challenge, the new Coronavirus variation known as Covid-19. While this virus has rapidly spread around the world, we have especially good reasons for incorporating conscientious behaviors so that we may minimize the risk of spreading germs (hand washing, cleaning common surfaces with disinfectant, etc.) 


We are currently advising our clients to prepare to shelter in place (self-quarantine) for up to 30 days. Please see current CDC Guidelines  for preparations. Our approach is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, age-old wisdom that seems especially relevant now.



What this means for Consultations, Therapy, Coaching, and Counseling

If you are ill or showing symptoms:  we are asking you and all our clients to stay at home if you experience any cold or flu symptoms. Even after your symptoms subside, we are asking you to stay home for 10-14 days.

We don’t, however, want you to miss your sessions. That’s why we have set up an online program for any clients who wish to use it. All you need is a private space at home, along with a good Internet connection, and a computer or phone with video capability. If you have a webcam, even better! If not, you can order one on via Amazon. We use Zoom technology to conduct video telehealth and you can download the free software at


We can also arrange phone sessions if that feels easier for you. We have also prepared a Teletherapy Info Sheet on our website with more information. By the way, there is a small amount of additional paperwork (Consent to Telehealth) and we can send that to you if you’d like to get that done now.

We hope you will be safe and well during the remaining viral season. We understand that there is quite a bit of anxiety around this topic and we encourage you to discuss this with your practitioner.

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