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Masters-level practitioners

interested in training for

Private Practice


The Rock Springs Residency Program


Rock Springs Positive Coaching, Caring, and Counseling offers a one-year residency program that provides continued training and supervision in the private practice of counseling, psychotherapy, and positive coaching.

The Post-Graduate, year 3 (PGY3) resident who seeks admission to this program must have

  • completed all his or her master-level training in one of three disciplines:

    1. Professional Counseling (including Community Counseling, Clinical Counseling, etc.)

    2. Social Work with a concentration in clinical social work

    3. Marriage and Family Therapy


  • Successfully completed an initial internship



Eligible candidates will also possess an excellent academic record, a strong commitment to life-long learning, and the capability to benefit from intense interpersonal processing and reflection.


There is a formal application process that includes submission of a written application with letters of recommendation from professors and supervisors, followed by an invitation to interview with potential mentors and training staff.  Residents generally transition immediately to our Professional Clinical Fellowship Program after successful completion of one year of supervised practice and start a practice with us.



Joe Cross, LCSW

Training Director



David Harris, MTS, MS

Executive Director


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