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Financial Considerations & Client Fee Information


The standard fee for WEEKLY coaching, counseling, and therapeutic services is $189 per 50-minute individual weekly session. Bi-weekly sessions and couples/family sessions may be slightly higher due to additional costs and time. We often recommend 75-80 minutes for couples, and the fee for the extended session is based on the hourly rate pro-rated.


PLEASE NOTE: We require a valid credit card on file. We do accept Debit, FSA, and HSA for services but also require a credit card on file to cover costs not funded by FSA/HSA or debit.

INITIAL ASSESSMENT FEE: The initial assessment consultation is a standard fee for ALL clients: $299 per individual, $349 per couple. Compassion Funding, if applicable, can be applied to subsequent visits.

NOTE: So that we may help all families and individuals, we also offer a payment plan for the initial assessment: Individuals: $150 at time of service and two additional monthly payments of $75. Couples: $200 at time of service and two additional monthly payments of $75.

INSURANCE: Although we cannot file insurance for you, we will provide a “super-bill” to file with your insurance plan. Please contact your insurance carrier to determine your specific coverage. Please understand that out of respect for donor funding,

Compassion Funds CANNOT be used in conjunction with insurance claims. Therefore, if you are planning to file for reimbursement through your insurance company, we request that you pay the standard fees.

COMPASSION FUNDING: If you cannot afford the standard fee, we do offer consultations and coaching at a reduced fee. Since we depend on the support of the community to help fund the availability of these reductions for assisting individuals who cannot pay the customary and standard fees, these fees cannot be used in conjunction with insurance claims and no diagnosis is provided. In addition, COMPASSION FUNDING applies only to individual or couple consultation sessions and cannot cover additional charges such as materials, assessments, books. Any additional charges will be reviewed in advance with you. Please honor and value these contributions in stating your income level. If your financial circumstances change, we will adjust the fee to correspond to a higher or lower income level. To maintain the trust of our donors and supporters, from time to time we may require verification of household income. If someone other than yourself is paying for your sessions, your fee is determined based on the income of the person responsible for payment. In the case of minors whose parents are jointly responsible for the bill, the fee is determined based on the combined income of both parents, even if the parents do not reside together.

Section A Standard Fee

Individual (weekly) 45-50 mins……………… Fee = $189

Individual (bi-weekly)…………………….…....  Fee = $245

Couples/Family (45-50)………………………..  Fee = $275

Section B Compassion Funding

Compassion Worksheet


  • Household Income greater than or equal to $175,000 = See Sec A below

  • Household less than $175,000 - See Sec B and C below


Please divide your Household Gross Income/1000 to set you fee.

Minimum fee = $111

EXAMPLE: If your gross household income is 120,000, the fee is $120

Biweekly individual, please add $60 to the amount above

Couples: Add $100 to the amount above rate for 50 minute sessions

*If you cannot afford this fee, please see SECTION C below

Section C Financial Assistance (limited slots)

Each practitioner at Rock Springs maintains 2-3 appointment slots for individuals and families that need more extensive financial compassion,

Individuals 12 sessions PIA $845

Couples 12 sessions, PIA $1,200

Limitations: There are no refunds for unused appointments. Payment Plan Appointments are reserved for specific times and usually only available before 4 pm. Missed appointments count as part of the plan’s total sessions. Please be prepared to provide proof of income such as W2, 1099, pay stubs.

(May be renewed twice; standard fee scales apply afterwards)

CANCELLATION FEE: Appointment times are reserved specifically for you. Compassion Funds cannot be applied to missed appointments; missed appointments are charged at a flat rate of $130. If you must re-schedule or cancel, please give at least one full business day to avoid incurring this fee. However, even if you cannot give adequate notice, please contact us. If we can fill your time with another client, we will waive this fee.

NOTE: If you are ill or have a verifiable emergency (such as an ill child with no childcare available), please let us know and we will cover half of the late fee for you ($65). This option may be used no more than twice per calendar year.



Notice of Potential Additional Fees

We want you to understand other fees that may be incurred for additional services. In nearly all cases, these services are requested by you. Of course, we welcome the opportunity to review any fee with you and can offer a payment plan to support any financial need.

Services beyond the office consultation:


Additional time outside of the session including communication such as phone calls, email, texting**. Communication regarding scheduling are not charged.**

$40 plus $65 per 20 mins beyond initial 20 min

Reporting and preparation $65/20 mins


Personality Assessment $125


Occupational Interest Assessment $125


ADHD Screening (includes assessment and two consultations) $450


Consultation with other professional (at your request) $85/20 mins



Family Consultation (at your request) $65/20 mins


Declined credit card or bounced check $30/incident

PLEASE NOTE: for your protection and confidentiality, we decline the opportunity to appear in court and refer this work to other professionals who specialize in offering expert testimony. However, if ordered by the court to appear on your behalf, the standard fee will be applied per day or any portion of a day. $1,500 payable in advance

2022 Financial Info & Fees

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