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Covid Safety Rules for Practitioners

When visiting Rock Springs, we not only want you to feel safe and welcomed, we want you to know that we believe we are doing as much as realistically possible to help maintain a safe environment. We welcome suggestions for improvement and any questions or concerns you may have.

Please share your thoughts and your concerns with our Executive Director, David Harris


Our clients’ safety and health are of paramount importance and we welcome suggestions and feedback.

Vaccine: Practitioner promises to keep vaccines completely updated including boosters and future boosting within 45 days of being eligible.

Travel (potential exposure) and KNOWN exposures: As of March 15, 2022, and until further notice, when traveling or when concerned about having been exposed, practitioner will remain out of the office for five calendar days after completion of travel or following exposure, providing asymptomatic.


Illness: Practitioner agrees that, if symptomatic or if running a fever, to remain out of the office for five calendar days after recovering or alternatively, with a negative Covid test that is returned after recovery and posted to Slack Covid channel.


Office: Practitioner commits to running an approved air purifier in office and to clean commonly touched areas with disinfectant between sessions.


Masks: Until further notice, practitioner agrees to wear a mask in communal areas (lobby, bathrooms, kitchen, etc) when we are expecting clients. NOTE: Signage will be posted in entryway indicating the current status for wearing masks.

In working with clients: 

Cancelation policy regarding COVID: Standard late fee cancellation fee applies UNLESS a positive COVID test uploaded, in which case, fee is waived or reimbursed. 

Practitioner will check client record for vaccine record PRIOR to scheduling an in-person visit.

APPOINTMENT TIMES: To limit multiple individuals in the lobby, please stagger your in-person schedule as noted in attachment.

WELCOME and LEAVE: Will stand in the doorway to invite client and then retreat to xix feet. No physical contact (e.g., shaking hands, hugs, etc.)  When clients leave, stand and move to the side ALWAYS facing the client and offer a gesture such as hand over heart, prayer hands with a bow, thumbs up…. whatever is therapeutically useful and safe.


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