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Melanie Stanley-Soulen, MDiv

Our life journey brings to us all sorts of experiences: occasions for joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction countered by times of misery, misfortune, and distress. In troubling times such as these, you may need someone like me. Someone who see life not as a problem to be solved but as a story to be shared. Someone who will meet you where you are and help you honor your sacred worth as an individual.


Reaching out for a steadying hand can represent a sign of a hopeful traveler. We’re all on this journey together. Sometimes the journey feels natural, smooth, perhaps even somewhat predictable. At other times we experience disruptions and distortions that cause us to lose our balance or direction. 


I offer you not only my training as a professional pastoral psychotherapist, but also my deep and abiding regard for you as a person of great value. Many of your experiences offer valuable insight and we will work through understanding these in relation to self and in being in relationship with others.


If you're struggling with your journey, feeling stuck or bewildered, I offer my help to you. It’s easy to schedule a time for us to talk so you can see how it feels to move forward, to restore hope, or regain your sense of balance.


A little about my approach: My therapeutic perspective is first and foremost centered around the idea that you possess a deep wisdom about yourself that can be tapped for our work together. Sometimes we will need to work together to help you remove any blocks that are in the way of positive growth. Oftentimes you will feel relief and hope for your future after just a few sessions.


Over the past 20+ years I have been trained in a variety of clinical therapies that help guide the direction of a healing path that we will decide on together. Your journey provides the focus of our work. I will bring my own self as authentic as I can be to our work. I gladly affirm that much of my education has happened in the space that arises from my work with clients such as yourself.


Note about confidentiality: Trust is so important in the work we do together. I will keep your story confidential and do my best to honor your confidence in me as long as you and others are safe. If there is ever a question of personal safety, I will work with you to help maintain your safety and those around you. Life is sacred. You are sacred.


Credentials and Additional Information


Special Interests

Spiritual care of the whole person

Meditation and mindfulness

Cognitive Behavioral focus

Healthy family systems and organizations

Relationship concerns

Adult ADHD

Women’s Issues

LGBTQIA concerns

PTSD and other anxiety concerns

Parenting children and aging parents



Adults – all phases of life

Young adults

Children and Adolescents (10 – 17)


Degrees and Certifications

B.A. in Psychology and Christian Education, Huntingdon College

M. Div. from Candler School of Theology


Trained and certified as a Pastoral Psychotherapist with the American Association of Pastoral Counselors

Licensed Professional Counselor

Ordained Clergy, United Methodist Church since 1986

Melanie Stanley-Soulen
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