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Social Justice

As a community of professionals dedicated to positive and affirming care, Rock Springs purposefully supports life-enhancing practices along with activities that promote mental health and social well-being. We mindfully seek healthy interactions among three fundamental forces: curiosity, courage, and compassion.

Of equal importance to us is our ethical commitment, embedded in our respective professional Ethical Codes, to actively work for social justice (e.g., NASW and ACA). We acknowledge reports of the alarming escalation in hate crimes and culturally-based divisive rhetoric. We are dismayed to see these threats and hate crimes continuing to intensify since early November.

Most importantly, we care deeply about our clients who have personally experienced both direct and indirect threats. These incidents do not represent the highest and best traditions that have played such important roles in our collective history: inclusiveness, diversity, and moral integrity.

We believe that a key element reflecting our ethical commitment and our therapeutic approach to balancing curiosity, courage, and compassion can be found in our strong affirmation and public declaration: Rock Springs is a safe and welcoming place for ALL individuals, especially those targeted in recent rhetoric and personal attacks.

Therefore, with the imperative for social justice in both our minds and in our hearts, we invite ALL professional colleagues(1) to stand with us in accordance with their consciences and their professional Ethical Codes on behalf of our common and shared responsibility to humanity.

We further ask that each individual professional or professional group join us in actively supporting social justice by publicly committing to and displaying the following statement:

Affirmation of Openness and Welcome

I/we at [PRACTICE NAME] strongly affirm that my/our practice is a safe and welcoming place for people of color, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, people of all abilities, religious minorities, women, and all individuals who desire constructive help or change, whether focused on personal, relational, familial or societal transformation.


(1) marriage and family therapists, counselors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, ministers, rabbis, shamans, spiritual directors, life coaches and other helping professionals

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