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Tania Rochelle, MS, NCC

Are you writing your life, or is your life writing you?


Have you experienced the incredible power of words—how they can heal or hurt, connect or dissolve, create or destroy?


I believe in the magic of words, both written and spoken, and have witnessed the ways that storytelling can heal and inspire both the teller and the listener.


No one is too old or too young to start a new chapter—many new chapters. Together, we can explore the history of how you came to be the person you are today. Then, we can start looking at strengths you want to build on, ways you wish to grow, negative thoughts and habits you’d like to leave behind, and, most importantly, any unprocessed trauma that is holding you back from writing the adventure that is your future. 


The transformative power of writing is what led me to the profession of counseling. Each client is full of stories that we both can learn from, stories that teach me how to help him or her. Through the practice of journaling, story writing, and poetry, I can help you get to know and understand yourself better, and help you honor the most important stories of your life. 


I also specialize in coaching artists or aspiring artists of any kind: writers, photographers, illustrators, designers, dancers, musicians—those who want to get past current blocks or inertia and be held accountable for creative goals they’ve set for themselves. I do “regular” counseling as well, and have been trained in therapies that help relieve the after-effects of trauma, such as EMDR and the trauma-model approach to treating spouses and partners of sex/porn addicts.


A little about me:

As someone who has loved to write since I was old enough to hold a crayon, I’ve always been a keen observer of people. I’ve taught writing for almost 20 years and never cease to be fascinated by the metamorphoses of students who bravely share their most personal stories, often for the first time, in small groups of their peers. I’ve watched them open up and then open out into the world, blooming more fully into themselves as they've let go of long-kept secrets. I fell in love with that process long ago. 


I’ve been happily sober for over 12 years and am particularly enthusiastic about working with individuals and families who are affected by addiction, and with survivors of sexual trauma and domestic violence. 



Credentials and Additional Information


Special Interests

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Late adolescents and adults.


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