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Our Covenant


While our fully-licensed and credentialed practitioners operate and control individual practices separately and with full autonomy, we also seek to support one another with a collegial and collaborative approach that promotes professional development and deepening awareness of our talents, gifts, vulnerabilities, and identity. Towards that end, we have created the following Covenant:



Practitioners’ Covenant

Rock Springs


We affirm our support for one another and therefore will gather regularly so we may attend to our personal and professional development as coaches, counselors, psycho­therapists, and professional helpers. We mindfully intend to work together in a therapeutic manner, both for ourselves and for our clients. While we recognize some of our discussions may bring up some intense feelings and reactions, we will do our best to work in a supportive and appreciative way.  We will affirm our strengths and use compassion to address any hurt or weakened area in our lives. Additionally, we work with care and intention towards the development of trust in our group. With these principles in mind, we offer the following basic guidelines which serve as our general standard. These principles and guidelines remain open for discussion and revision by the group when needed and approved by the group.


  1. Peacefulness: We enter this place quietly and peacefully, seeking to honor the spirit and inten­tion of our gatherings and the therapeutic environment we seek to culti­vate.

  2. Respect: We gather together to share our own feelings and experiences, being mind­ful that each path is different. What “works” for one individual based on a cultural, spiritual, family, and personal context, may not work for someone else. We therefore strive to respect and honor our differences, each to our best ability, and we seek to listen emphatically to one anothers' stories. We give supportive attention to the person who is speaking and avoid side conversations and distracting activities.

  3. Personal Responsibility: We all share the responsibility for making this group work for ourselves and each other. Anyone is welcome to share how she or he is feel­ing and we take care to avoid attributing the cause of our feelings to another individual. If we develop a difference with a colleague, we approach that colleague directly or consult positively with a fellow colleague for help in approaching our colleague together. We seek to avoid and, whenever found, to collapse with gentleness any triangulation. We refrain from discussing personal or private affairs regarding individual members who are not present.

  4. Conscientiousness and Openness: We value the interrelationship among courage, curiosity, and compassion in developing a mindful balance and in cultivating our therapeutic approach to flexibility. We also seek to promote these values to the world through our commitment to social justice.

  5. Timeliness: We begin and end our meetings with respect for time and our clients’ needs. (Group meetings begin five minutes past the designated hour and adjourn five minutes ahead of the hour.) We reserve our designated Group time to be together in community and will not schedule client appointments during that time UNLESS it is urgent that the client be seen for a serious or extreme situation (e.g., suicidal ideation.)

  6. Openness: Anyone may share and we encourage everyone to ask questions; we also have the right to remain silent or “pass” when asked a question. No one is required or expected to contribute beyond their personal level of comfort.

  7. Appreciation: We speak positively and appreciatively whenever possible. We strive to accept each individual with positive regard, and we encourage curiosity rather than judgment.

  8. Commitment: We pledge our support and talents for developing our mission, delivering our services, and cultivating the financial support of our broader community.

  9. Confidentiality: Because confidentiality provides an essential therapeutic foundation to our practice, we use first names only in discussing cases and we always discuss cases behind closed doors. We further expect that each person will respect and maintain the confidentiality of the group: what­ever personal information that is shared in the group is held within the group.



Proposed  2014/1, revision proposed 2018/1/9

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