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We are a SAFE PLACE.

In the wake of recent events, many individuals and families feel deeply disturbed by the verbal, emotional and physical violence directed toward women, people of color, religious minorities, immigrants, differently-abled, and toward the LGBTQ community. In immediate response, we offer our ongoing active support of compassion and understanding. For all who are anxious about these current events and concerned about the future, we are here. For those struggling with grief, we are here. For those who are experiencing the effects of re-traumatization, we are here. For those who feel a sense of hopelessness, we are here and offering our help in re-connecting with hope.

As a community of psychotherapists dedicated to positive and affirming care, Rock Springs welcomes conversation with ALL individuals. Regardless of political affiliation or feelings about the elections, we share our commitment for constructive change, change that creates more opportunities for ALL people. We seek to become a beacon of hope to ALL people. In this light, we offer a place of respite and refuge where individuals can renew their dreams for a better future. Furthermore, we strongly affirm that Rock Springs is a safe and welcoming place for people of color, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, people of all abilities, women, and anyone else who may feel targeted, anxious, or frightened.

This is our first step. Next, we will begin offering reminders about the many important ways that all of us can move forward, as individuals and in groups. We will promote actions that advocate continued personal and public growth and healing. We will join with many others in helping to light the path of progress by offering our therapeutic solutions grounded in the values of compassion, courage, and curiosity.

We welcome you.

We welcome your concerns.

We are here with hope.

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